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 TrainND-Northwest Center
Williston, North Dakota


 Your gifts will help us achieve our goal!
 “Safety first” is our mantra as well as yours. We know how important it is to have trained employees, especially in this fast-paced time of growth. All of us at TrainND take great pride in providing quality  training. TrainND started by developing and delivering safety classes; we have since progressed into more technical training programs to meet the needs as the oilfields mature.  In addition we provide a variety of training programs for the diverse businesses in this area of the state.  

We could use your help to reach our goal of $7,500,000 for a new training facility. We need an additional $1,500,000 to make this dream a reality. If you can donate to this worthwhile cause, please complete the enclosed pledge form. Your donations will be matched by state and local dollars.  

Our goal will allow TrainND to have one location with access to our training field.  This will allow more hands-on training as well as the ability to use the two million dollars in equipment that companies have donated to the program.  

Thank you for you consideration of this project. I look forward to working with you and your company for many years to

Deanette Piesik

Donor Level Amounts
Gold >$150,001
Diamond $75,001-$150,000
Bronze $25,001-$75,000
Silver <$25,000
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Facility Features

The goal is to construct a 19,740 square foot regional workforce training and education center. The estimated cost of the building is $7,500,000. Envisioned is a facility that will provide opportunities to hold training classes,business meetings, and other events.  A commercial kitchen is located in the building as well as a computer lab and nursing lab. 
  •  The main floor is 12,640 square feet and has a large classroom (capacity over 100). State of the art technology with sound systems in seven classrooms.
  •  Individuals will have the ability to complete their registration at the “Employee    Kiosk” terminals.
  •  A commercial kitchen is located on the main floor to provide snacks and beverages. The kitchen will cater for meetings or  events. It will allow company employees the opportunity to purchase food without having to leave the facility.
  •  Offices are located throughout  with key personnel located on the main level.
  •  The second floor is 6,470 square feet and has a large conference room with video capabilities along with a viewing deck.